Our Payment solution provides a state-of-the-art payment gateway and switching coupled with historical debt collection to allow for all payments via vending or normal transactions to be monitored and collected from users with negative credits. The system provides real time switching for all transactions to increase customer satisfaction and together with Prism for transaction security


There are a number of various ways that you can generate more income using this platform and save on unnecessary expenditure, such as:

1. Job localization prioritization – Through the onboarding of organization recommended local service providers in all industries across the world, Local service providers will be prioritized through the easy access to these providers via the Home Owner/End User component of the “One” platform Smart App.

2. Solar/hybrid grid participation – Collection of Revenue through Smart Metering that is capable of identifying the solar power being harvested in a home and the municipality being able to bill for grid participation and other costs.

3. Grid loss management – Through the utilization of Smart Metering and Power Management, ITSA will be able to assist in reducing the damages to substations, transformers and other Key Electrical equipment through the ability to reduce the power being consumed to alleviate the strain on the equipment and phase in power after load shedding to prevent overloads.

4. Theft/Security monitor – Through Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, correlations to power consumption from energy suppliers versus customer power consumption, the system is able to identify areas of power loss, customers whose consumption has stopped or reduced.

5. Smart Load Management – Through the bulk and individualized control of Load through Smart Meters, you are able to individually or bulk select which customers to shed in full, which customers to reduce load or individually manage bulk customers load consumption. eThekwini is able to charge customers a premium to not be load shed based on the customers savings in having to provide their own power backup.

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